Burnsville High School

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191

Burnsville, MN

Addition + Renovation 


ATS&R Planners / Architects / Engineers

The 13-month expansion to Burnsville High School addresses the growing academic needs of the community, and brings all 9th through 12th grade students under one roof, providing a 21st century learning environment for real world learners.

Collaboration, natural light, air purification, and sustainability initiatives are all built into the new spaces at Burnsville High School, allowing learners to reach their full potential. The major expansion began with the conversion of an annex building to house new industrial technology classroom space. Once the former industrial arts space was vacated, work began immediately on 3 simultaneous additions which included a new science wing, 9th grade classroom wing, and athletic facility expansion. 

After overseeing an average of nearly $200,000 in construction per day for 13 consecutive months, our team was able to complete the project on-time, and below budget. The tremendous planning, scheduling, and coordination of work led to a project that most others would not conceive as possible within the given timeframe.