When embarking on a construction project, Owners must select how their project will be designed and constructed. The H+U Construction team provides project delivery using a variety of contracting methods tailored to best meet each Owner’s specific construction needs. See which approach will work best for you:


H+U Construction works with your Design Team to efficiently plan and construct your project. We replace the General Contractor by managing all aspects of construction as the Owner’s advocate. H+U Construction provides quality assurance, budget management, construction scheduling, coordination, and on-site supervision, representing your best interests every step of the way.


H+U Construction can serve as a resource to your team to help efficiently budget, plan, and design a project that meets your needs. At a pre-established point, either during or after the design phase, H+U Construction will provide you with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and assume the risk for construction performance.


H+U Construction acts as a resource to you and your Design Team throughout the Preconstruction and Construction Phases. We provide technical analysis of the design documents, cost estimates, value engineering, and schedule management for the entire project. Our staff monitors construction progress and prepares regular status updates for you as well as advises you on any contentious matters.


H+U Construction provides complete construction oversight and the support you need to effectively and efficiently plan, build, or maintain your buildings. We offer a wide variety of consulting services, including but not limited to: facility planning, cost estimating, value engineering, cash flow analysis, and budgeting for long term facility maintenance. Our staff can provide as much, or as little, support as you may need.