H+U is committed to green construction and sustainability practices in all  projects, worksites and best practices for all of our customers. To H+U sustainable construction is not just being efficient with  resources. It’s constantly educating and considering the environmental impacts that are created by the way we source materials and how we get the job done.

H+U’s experience in green construction has included 2 of the first 10 LEED Certified buildings in the state of Minnesota, the first Green Globes Certified Fire Station in the nation, and the first “New Construction” building in the state of Minnesota to receive a 3 Green Globe Rating, equivalent to LEED Gold.

H+U Construction has completed projects using a multitude of different Green building certification systems which include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Green Globes rating system from the Green Building Initiative (GBI), the U.S. Green Building rating system from United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the ENERGY STAR rating system, and Buildings Benchmarks and Beyond (B3) from the State of Minnesota.

In addition to “green construction”, H+U has led the construction industry in developing a “green” approach toward operations. In 2011, we adopted a paperless filing and construction document distribution program, which reduced our clients’ average printing and shipping cost by $22,000 per project. In addition to the cost savings, this system has effectively reduced our paper consumption by approximately 4 tons per year, and eliminated 100,000+ miles of annual parcel shipping.