Park Midway Bank

Park Midway Bank

St. Paul, MN

New Construction


HTG Architects

From the onset of planning, one of Park Midway Bank’s goals was to be a LEED certified building. Following construction, the St. Paul community bank became the fifth building in the state of Minnesota to become LEED Certified. 

Especially in the early days of LEED Certified projects, the sustainable and efficient materials that went into a LEED certified building were often significantly more expensive than more common materials and systems. H+U’s team worked closely with the architect and engineers during the design phase to identify initial costs of various systems and features, and prepared independent evaluations of the costs for the Owner to review. By providing a “menu” of options and costs, the bank was able to select the systems that would have the greatest impact for every dollar spent. During construction, our team monitored the materials installed for compliance, tracked the amount of recycled construction debris, and oversaw the commissioning process to turn over a building that could and would, then become LEED Certified.