DHL Express Service Point Facility

Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Minneapolis, MN

Relocation + New Construction


Miller Dunwiddie

The Consolidated Loading Dock Facility (CLDF) was the second project H+U served on at the MSP Airport campus. The new building is located in the center of the campus and serves as a landmark at MSP, situated between runways and visible from Terminal 2.

The new CLDF site was selected for operational reasons, but is situated atop a contaminated site. Before construction could begin, hazardous soils were removed and replaced with a large stormwater basin to offset the amount of soil that would need to be imported to balance the site.

The strategic site layout and flow accommodates access from both sides independent of each other, and mechanical systems were strategically placed on second floor mezzanine to stay out of the way of administrative, warehouse and logistics space. Construction was coordinated to share adjacent parking and site facilities with FedEx and UPS to expand their parking area while taking over some existing parking and changing the entries to their parking areas.