Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Gate 269

Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), Minneapolis, MN

New Construction


Miller Dunwiddie

Gate 269 set a new standard for perimeter gates at MSP Airport and serves as a template for future gate projects at MSP. The project extended beyond the building to incorporate general perimeter security improvements and new screening equipment.

The project not only set a new standard in terms of perimeter gate security, but also incorporated innovative sustainable technologies. H+U’s team was tasked with estimating a wide variety of innovative sustainability concepts from around the world, with the goal of developing a Net-Zero gate that could be used as a template for future gates at MSP. Gate 269 is the fourth building in the nation to be served by a Darcy Solutions Geothermal System; a new system developed in Minnesota that incorporates a horizontal geothermal well as opposed to a vertical well field and consuming significantly less space on site.

In addition to the building, which made up roughly 45% of the total budget, the project also upgraded utilities in the area, modified perimeter fencing, realigned roadways, and improved stormwater retention systems.