The Historic Union Apartments


Fargo, ND



Mutchler Bartram Architects  

H+U Construction completed the redevelopment of the Historic Union in Downtown Fargo, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally constructed in 1929 to serve as a warehouse and creamery, 45,000/SF of warehouse space was converted into 38 unique apartments and the 34,000/SF of creamery building was converted into office and retail space.

The building had been the topic of much conversation for more than a decade leading up to the redevelopment, but where others saw obstacles, H+U and the Owner saw opportunity. The long abandoned building posed significant environmental and historical challenges, and decades of being exposed to the elements had taken a toll on the building. H+U assisted the owner with pursuing tax credits, and working through environmental challenges to make the redevelopment feasible. Today, the integrity and beauty of the building has been preserved. Material covering the historic brick walls was removed, original concrete ceilings were exposed throughout the building, and concrete floors were sanded, polished, and sealed to reveal remnants of its warehouse history.