Construction is right on schedule for Lester Prairie Schools

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By: Andrew Meuleners, Staff Writer
Aired: October 9, 2020 
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Construction on Lester Prairie Schools new building project started May 15 and is on time and on budget.

“We’re tracking really well and we are running on schedule,” said Paul Osterhus, the construction superintendent with H+U Construction, a statement that was also echoed by Lester Prairie Superintendent Melissa Radeke.

Four and a half months into the project construction has been going as well as can be expected.

“We had to move things around, schedule wise we concentrated a little bit more on the south addition at first. We had it set in the schedule to start the precast part of the operation by October 5. You will see us mobilizing on Monday and actual walls going up Wednesday or Thursday,” said Osterhus.

Few Challenges

H+U Construction has had a few challenges on this project.

“There have been small little challenges every day but it’s nothing that we can’t overcome I mean, the weather has not been a challenge, the weather actually has worked well for us. You know this summer. The weather cooperated for the most part, it’s a nice sandy site. So, when it does rain it dries up quickly. You know, but for the most part the project’s gone really smoothly,” Osterhus said.

Pandemic Issues

As for any affects on the construction due to the pandemic.

“There has been no outbreak on site. So, the workers have all been fine. As far as materials. We’ve gotten all the materials when we needed them. But we are proactive in that we make sure we expedite and order the materials, early enough so that, you know, we give ourselves a good lead time. But as far as precast, bar joist, and deck, concrete block all that kind of stuff has been right on time,” Osterhus said.

“H+U were really proactive in developing and then presenting to us their preparedness plan. It was really detailed and they made sure to meet with us, to make sure that our preparedness plan coincided with their plans so that we were all on the same page. So I thought that was really, really some good teamwork,” Radeke said.

Reports of shortages across the county for construction materials have been happening since the pandemic hit. H+U construction has had to deal with that on other jobs. “That is happening in the industry. On one of our other jobs we had some issues with some tile from Italy. On this particular job, it has not affected us yet but we are looking at our aluminum windows. The shop drawings have already been approved, they’re purchasing the materials so that shouldn’t be a problem. We will check on our tile, we’re not going to need tile until March or April of next year, but we’re already checking on it now so we’re giving ourselves plenty of time, in case there is a small bump or disruption in the supply chain. But, you know, everybody in the industry is looking ahead and trying to make sure that we can get the materials,” Osterhus said.

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We are in really good hands with H+U construction and Paul, who has been doing this for 30 years, if I can use the word ‘seasoned’ and has a lot of expertise, he really looked ahead on the project and took really good care of us so we are very fortunate to be in their hands.

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